Kootek Mini Loaf Pans with Lids, 100 Pack Disposable Rectangle Mini Al

Kootek Mini Loaf Pans with Lids, 100 Pack Disposable Rectangle Mini Al

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High Quality Mini Cake Pans with Lids: Made of food-grade aluminum foil and have good thermal conductivity for even heating and shorter baking time. The mini loaf pans can withstand temperatures up to 250℃/482℉ and are oven, microwave, and air fryer safe, even on fire, ideal for making caramel pudding, charcoal-grilled cheese, etc. Please let the mini cake pans cool down before putting on the lids. Note: the clear lids are not heat-resistant. User-friendly Mini Aluminum Pans with lids: These mini loaf pans can be used as baking pans or exquisite cupcake holders with lids, and they can be put directly into the oven without the need for a baking tray. You can cook multiple kinds of food in one pot or at the same time with these mini cups. They are disposable and reusable, which means you can either throw them away after use or clean them for your next use. Practical Mini Cake Tins with Lids: The rectangular mini foil pans with a capacity of 6.8oz are perfect for individual portions of various dishes, including desserts such as mini loaf, mini bread, mini brownie, and mini cheesecake. Its larger size compared to the traditional round tin foil pan helps to avoid food waste caused by using cups that are either too large or too small for the portion size. Easy to Carry & Keep Fresh: Come with a matching lid that fits securely over the top to preserve freshness and protect the contents from spills or contaminants. The clear lid design not only adds a touch of elegance to your presentation but also allows you to showcase your delicious creations without opening the container. The lids also make these pans easy to carry, making them perfect for outdoor events, picnics, and parties. 100 Pack: This lovely mini pan set includes 100 pieces of Mini Loaf Baking Pans at 6.5”x2.5”x1.2", 100 pieces of Transparent Top Lids for easy transport and storage, and 100 pieces of Individually Wrapped Sporks for customers to enjoy their food on-the-go or at events conveniently. Wide Usage Baking Tools: These mini cake tins with lids and spoons are ideal for various occasions such as birthday parties, weddings, baby showers, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Halloween. They can be widely applied to hold cupcakes, puddings, mini brownies, pies, muffins, bread, and cheesecake. Their convenient size and accompanying lids and spoons make them easy to transport and enjoy on-the-go, making them great for picnics, camping, and other outdoor events..
MLP100G 100 Pack Mini Loaf Pans with Lids Unleash Your Inner Pastry Chef with Our Mini Loaf Pans! Why Choose Our Mini Aluminum Pans with Lids? Hand-friendly Curling Design The design of curled edges effectively prevents scratching hands with sharp edges, and enhances the safety and user-friendliness of the baking pan. Excellent Thermal Conductivity This mini cake pan is made of aluminum foil material, which ensures excellent thermal conductivity for even heating and shortened baking time. Multilayer Thick Mini Loaf Pan The thick and food-grade aluminum foil pan not only ensures the stability and durability of its structure but also makes it safe for food contact. High & Durable Top Lid Equipped with a 1 high snap-on transparent lid, this mini loaf pan can fit tightly and be stacked to save space and prevent food from being crushed. 2-in-1 Mini Cake Pans with Lids Disposable mini loaf pans ensure better heat conduction and shorten the baking time. Additionally, it comes with a lid that effectively prevents moisture from escaping, making food easier to store and carry while achieving a better preservation effect. Large Capacity Food Container Ideal for controlling portion sizes and avoiding food waste. Unlike the traditional round muffin cup tin, it can help prevent serving sizes that are too large or too small, which can lead to wasted food. It's a great food container option for those who want to take control of their portion sizes.


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Kootek Mini Loaf Pans with Lids, 100 Pack Disposable Rectangle Mini Al


Kootek Mini Loaf Pans with Lids, 100 Pack Disposable Rectangle Mini Al


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Kootek Mini Loaf Pans with Lids, 100 Pack Disposable Rectangle Mini Al

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