1PACK/2PACK TXM Drain Hair Catcher, Tub Shower Drain Protector

1PACK/2PACK TXM Drain Hair Catcher, Tub Shower Drain Protector

Price: $ 7.50



TubShroom Tub Drain Hair Catcher Combo Pack with Silicone Stopper, Black Chrome – Drain Protector and Hair Catcher for Bathroom Drains, Fits 1.5” – 1.75” Bathtub and Shower Drains


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TubShroom Revolutionary Hair Catcher Drain Protector for Tub Drains, No More Clogs, White


TubShroom® 2 Pack Chrome Revolutionary Tub Drain Protector Hair Catcher Strainer




TubShroom Revolutionary Hair Catcher Drain Protector for Tub Drains, No More Clogs, White



Our drain hair catcher uses small and dense holes to catch human or pet hair and tiny food residues, effectively preventing sewer clogging and saving on expensive duct unblocking costs. Also blocks sewer odors and unknown insects from crawling out. The raised center design effectively prevents debris from accumulating and blocking the water leakage hole, which does not affect the rapid water filtration in any way. Lightly press to fix, strong adsorption force, water flushing does not shift.


4 Pack Shower Drain Hair Catcher, WeGuard 5.7-inch Flat Rubber Bathroom Tub Shower Drain Cover, Bathtub Sink Strainer Drain Plug Protector Stopper


Stainless Steel Hair Catcher Shower Drain Cover with Silicone, Shower Stall Drain Strainer by Casewin, Bathtub Hair Stopper, Bathroom Hair Trap Floor Drain Protector, 4.75 inches Round Flat




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Drain Hair Catcher — Protect drains while allowing water flows through. Catches Hair and avoids jewelry escaping down the drain. Reduces the annoyance caused by the smell of sewers and expensive cost of dredging clogged sewers. Built to Protect Bathtub Drains — Tall, dome shaped and collapsible design Bathtub Drain Hair Catcher, works well with flat and pop-up drains of bathtub, tub, shower, bathroom. The size of 4.5 diameter fits all standard drains. No need to use tools to install.


Zaa Bathtub Drain Hair Catcher, 2 Pack Silicone Collapsible Drain Protector for Pop-Up and Regular Drains of Bathtub, Tub, Shower, Bathroom


2/1 PACK T·X·M Drain Hair Catcher Bathtub/Sink Drain Hair Catcher,2 in 1 Bathtub Drain Protector for Shower


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