Porcelain Logo Mug

Porcelain Logo Mug

Price: $ 12.50


Whether you drink coffee, tea or cocoa, tout The Times with your morning pick-me-up in this handmade 12-oz. porcelain mug. Available in black, white

Sipping coffee from a handmade mug is a unique pleasure. Our Evergreen Mug blends minimalist design with an understated hand-carved texture, a subtle


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No matter how bad your day is going, these beautiful porcelain mugs graciously remind you things could be much worse. You could also be chased by UFOs, pestered by pirates, or plagued by giant frogs. Classic 12-ounce (355 mL) blue willow dish size is sold individually or in a discounted set of four. Both sizes are adorned with the same multi-calamity drawing by Don Moyer.


Blue Willow Dishes, Delft Blue, Porcelain Chinaware, Unique Cool Coffee Mugs Calamityware: Things Could Be Worse (Set of 4), Single 12-oz Mug