Best Silicone Trivets for Use at Home

Best Silicone Trivets for Use at Home

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4 Pieces Honeycomb Silicone Trivet Multipurpose Heat Resistant Pot,420)

Buy J and S House Silicone Trivet Mats Hot Pads Heat Resistant

Brandless Silicone Trivet - Gray

Proctor Silex 5 Piece Silicone Trivet Rings Assorted Colors 09384

The two 6” Silicone Trivets are easy to use — just rest your pan on the Trivet and magnets will attach automatically, allowing you to move pans from one surface to another without burns. The silicone surface is heat resistant up to 425°F and dishwasher safe, so cleanup is a breeze.

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Good to Good 1 Pack Extra Thick 446°F Heat Resistant Silicone Trivet for Hot Pots and Pans, Non-Slip, Durable, Flexible, Eco-Friendly, Easy Clean

The silicone trivet combines the durability and flexibility of silicone with the convenience of several kitchen tools, making it a must-have item in every kitchen. For everything from opening jars and peeling garlic to handling hot dishes and protecting tabletops, the versatile tool, with its classic Le Creuset design, resists stains, odors, and flavor absorption and is heat-resistant to 482°F. Note: Do not place this product in an open flame or directly on any heat source.

Le Creuset - Silicone Trivet - White

Silicone Hot Pad / Trivet

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Hands DIY 3pcs Silicone Trivet Mat Heat Resistant Non-Slip Kitchen Table Pad Home Dining Countertop Decoration for Hot Dishes Pots Pans Teapot, Adult

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